Spring Clean Your Outdoor Living Spaces Using This Checklist

Now that the weather has finally turned warm here in the Minneapolis area, many homeowners are getting their outdoor areas ready for use.  Once the rains this week are over, you might be planning on some yard maintenance this weekend.  That includes your outdoor furniture and structures.  And if you’ve got a fire pit, it probably needs some attention as well.

With some spring cleaning, your outdoor area can become as beautiful as ever for the warmer months. Minnesota seasons are changing, and with it comes to the need to get your outdoor living spaces in the best condition possible.

Use This Checklist for Spring Cleaning Your Fire Pit

Be prepared for the spring and summer months when you break out that fire pit or fire table and get it back in working action.

  • Check and replace any batteries, if needed
  • Check all the fittings and tighten them if necessary
  • Clean any and all loose debris from the burner and other areas
  • Make sure the valves freely turn
  • Make sure the gas line turns on and works and ensure that the gas tank has fuel
  • Check all of the port holes in the burner so that there are no obstructions

Make Sure Your Outdoor Furniture Is Good to Go, Too

The furniture outside is just as important as the fire pit, so you want to ensure that this is taken care of, as well.

  • Rinse the furniture thoroughly and let it air dry
  • Use a soft bristled brush to clean the frames of the furniture
  • Allow the solution to soak into the fabric overnight

Spring Maintenance for Your Pergola or Gazebo

A pergola or gazebo has to also be in the best shape possible, and this means being able to do some maintenance on it to ensure it is ready to for the warm summer months ahead.

  • Clean any and all loose debris from on and around the pergola
  • Use a low pressure hose to clean the outside of the pergola
  • Depending on the wear and tear that the pergola received and whether or not it is wood, it may need to be re-stained and sealed

When the MN spring rolls around, if you’ve used our checklist here you should be in great shape. Here at Architectural Landscape Design, we can help you continue the prepping for the spring and summer with landscaping additions or changes. Let us make your yard truly stand out and provide you with even more beauty, functionality, and value.

We are a licensed MN landscaping design, installation, and maintenance contractor serving the Minneapolis metro area.