Some Tips to Make Your Yard More Appealing

The beauty of your yard can mean a lot to you. With the right touches, it can be something that really stands out among the other homes in the neighborhood. In order to make your yard appear more welcoming, more appealing and better looking than the others, you have to come up with a plan. Here are some tips that you can use to design your garden beds and yard so that it beats the competition in the rest of the neighborhood.

03mar09a1a15Special Landscaping Touches for a Stand-Out Yard

  • Grow herbs that put off a fragrance. Not only does the lovely aroma waft around your yard and into your home, but the herbs can be used in many of the dishes that you cook for the family.  Some herbs are more fragrant than others, so do a little homework first.  And make sure the ones you choose give off smells you enjoy.
  • Let nature be your guide when creating beautiful outdoor living spaces. The more the nature stands out in the yard, the more appealing it is going to be.  But you’ve got to have a plan and not just let Mother Nature take over your yard.  With the right landscape design you can use the existing natural elements in a more organized fashion.  You can even add others such as large rocks and water features that look as if they were there all the time.
  • Use height to your advantage throughout your yard. By placing pillars or other tall statues and items in various areas, you’re opening it up and making it feel more like a welcoming room than an open yard. Many people enjoy airy rooms, with a lot of space and nature around them, and you can create this illusion.
  • Straight lines can be boring, so place curves to add a little suspense. Winding walkways and curving retaining walls work well for this purpose.  You can add a little mystery so visitors don’t know where they are going when twisting and turning around corners and bends. Then have those curved pathways lead to beautiful but unexpected spots.  You can add this excitement to your yard easily.  Diagonals can have a similar effect.
  • Rich, dark colors can be ideal for those spaces that you want to open up and add a dramatic feel to. Placing bushes with dark reds and deep greens in them throughout the yard can make it stand out while also giving the dramatic effects wherever it is needed the most.


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