Skip These Lawn Care Mistakes This Year

Spring here in Minnesota means homeowners are getting out in their yards getting things ready for the nice weather ahead.  And that means lawn care.  There are numerous mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to taking care of their grass. Without the proper care of the yard, that grass may look brown and in need of some desperate TLC. Use these tips and skip the mistakes the next time it comes to caring for your lawn.

Common Lawn Care Mistakes

  • It is easy to cut off all of the grass, setting the mower as low as it will go but you should only cut a third of what is currently there. Longer grass makes it easier for those blades to receive their nutrients.
  • Know the pH balance of your soil before putting down any type of sod, turf or grass seed. Sending a soil sample out to be tested can give you the peace of mind knowing you’re not wasting money in the long run. It is ideal to have a pH level of between 6.0 and 6.5.
  • Don’t just plant one type of grass seed –  go with a mixture. This will help it thrive, and it will look nice and plush once it fully grows in. And if you’ve got areas of your yard that get a lot of activity, put down a heartier strain – you can then play on the tough stuff and leave the more delicate grass for areas that don’t get traffic.
  • Make sure to maintain the blade on the lawn mower. When you cut the grass using a dull blade, it makes uneven, jagged cuts.   This can makes your grass die out because it’s difficult for the individual blades to collect and retain nutrients.
  • Leave your grass clippings behind. This will help feed and fertilize the yard. Think of it as a free maintenance plan that doesn’t cost you any extra work, either.
  • Not providing the right amount of water is something that is done all too often. Too much can drown out the grass while too little can cause it to turn brown and die out; neither is something you want.


Why not make your yard really simple this year?  Perhaps lawn care is getting to be something you’re tiring off.  Maybe you’ve got better things to do than spend your free time watering and mowing.  Choose to do a low maintenance yard instead using hardscapes. Through our help, you can ensure that you get a beautiful yard with less upkeep than you previously had to do. We are the licensed Minnesota landscape design company to call when you need a new yard that truly makes your home stand out.