Shade Trees for the Life of Your MN Yard

Does your yard lack shade?  You can change that with some new trees.  Shade trees can also give your yard a little more privacy, which is definitely a plus if you’d like an outdoor room your family can relax in and feel secluded.

With the weather warming up enough to start working in the yard, now is the perfect time to get the planning process going for putting in new trees for this spring. You’re able to get the beautiful look that you want with the right trees.  With the proper planning right now you’ll be ready when the ground temps are warm enough to transplant trees. The first thing is to choose the trees you want.  So which trees will provide you with the right amount of shade, or quiet and which are going to be the best?

04apr15a1a15Choosing the right age and size tree is essential, and being able to plant it at the right time can ensure that it will live for years to come. So when the time comes to consider which trees you should go with, consider these tips.

  • Choose the smaller, younger trees if you want something inexpensive; then let them grow.  But if more immediate shade is what you’re looking for, either choose larger trees or select varieties that are fast growing.
  • Plant the tree, no matter the age or size during the spring or early fall so that you’re able to give them that needed time to prepare themselves before the cold comes back for the winter.
  • Do not buy a tree with matted roots or roots that are circling or collaring throughout the inside of the pot. This shows that the roots are not hardy and might not take to the soil in the yard you have.
  • Choose types of trees that are native to this area, as well as trees that will take well to the type of soil and moisture level you have in your yard.  This is where a professional nursery or landscape contractor can offer valuable advice.  Trees can be an expensive investment, so you want to choose those that will do well in your yard.
  • Make sure the roots on the trees that you purchase are not moldy or broken.  You want a high quality tree that has strong, clean roots and little to no breakage.
  • The hole you plant the trees in should be wider than deeper.  Allow plenty of room for those roots to spread out. You’re giving the roots of the tree enough room to grow out, instead of having to worry about growing in.
  • Make sure the tree has room to grow. If you’re planting a rather large tree, keep the full-grown size in mind during planting.

Before you invest in trees for your yard, speak with us.  We can help with the planning, choosing of the right trees and also the planting. We are more than happy to come out and give your yard an assessment and then make some design recommendations for adding trees to property to provide shade as well as enhance the overall look and function of your yard.


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