6 Benefits Of A Rock Garden

Benefits Of A Rock Garden

There’s something special about rock gardens. These peaceful and grounded landscape features are a fantastic way to invoke the natural world for a truly remarkable addition to your yard. There are so many ways you can create with rock and stone. The diverse and numerous ways you can install a rock garden into your property has made these ancient additions a popular feature.

Zen gardens, rock, and water features have been a welcome addition to properties for hundreds, if not thousands of years. More recently, they have become a staple of many modern homes. From various plantlife accents and walkways to boulder work and full rock gardens  — you can transform the look and feel of your property with the right experts. 

Rock Garden Types

There are several different types of rock gardens you can implement. The various styles, shapes, locations, sizes, and functions that you want your rock garden to adhere to can all have an effect on what type of rocks you’ll want to use or garden you’ll want to create. We’ll cover a few of the basics, but if you want a more comprehensive look — check out our Rock Garden Guide. 

The various rock garden styles depend mostly on a few factors.

  • The size of the rocks used
  • The types of rocks used
  • How much plantlife is visible
  • The use of water
  • Containers

These five components set the stage for the various types of rock gardens that we see today. While there are certainly “set in stone” styles like the English Farrer Style or the Americanized Style, most differences can be defined by the characteristics above. For instance, boulder gardens use larger rocks to define a space — while gravel gardens use tiny stones and gravel as the bedrock for any plantings or accent pieces.

Most rock gardens use rocks or stones that are local. This is mainly because it’s cheaper, but it also gives the rock garden a natural look and feel. While some homeowners do import rock or stone for their garden, many prefer to source locally for convenience.

The plantlife you decide to go with for your rock garden will heavily depend on your climate and the aesthetic you’re going for. While perusing for your favorite perennials and other preferred plants, you will more than likely notice that they recommend certain additions based on which zone you live in. The USDA provides a map that outlines what zone you live in and which temperatures relate to your zone.

Water is also a popular addition to many rock gardens, especially Japanese zen gardens. While some variations of these rock gardens do not feature any sort of water feature, pond or dike — many do call on flowing elements to encapsulate the natural and peaceful aesthetic of stone and water.

Some rock gardens don’t need a bunch of room and don’t need to take up any valuable landscape space. Container rock gardens are a perfect way to add this style to your property without transforming an entire area of your yard.

There are so many more ways you can add a rock garden to your property with your own unique take on a classic garden type. But why go with a rock garden instead of the many other garden types? Well, that’s what we’re here to tell you. Here are 6 benefits of a rock garden you may not have known about.

6 Benefits of A Rock Garden

6 Benefits of A Rock Garden 

1. Relatively Low Maintenance

Compared to other gardens, rock gardens aren’t that difficult to take care of. This, of course, depends on whether or not you decide to include stubborn plantlife. However, larger rock gardens that consist of gravel mulch can eliminate the need for intensive watering, pruning, watering, or in larger cases even mowing in general.

2. No Problem For Harsh Climates

From smoldering hot and blistering cold weather to extreme wind and droughts — rock gardens can survive harsh climates. Plantlife that typically goes with rock gardens are tough and rocks anchor down your garden for the long haul.

3. Enjoyable All Year Round

Speaking of the long haul, rock gardens can be enjoyed throughout the year. With the right combination of flowering plants and foliage, your rock garden can thrive 365 days a year. Or perhaps the rocks themselves are the main attraction, in which case you won’t have to do anything at all!

4. Adds Texture and Diversity

One of the best aspects of a rock garden is the unique texture and diversity it can bring to your landscape. Various rock colors and sizes can create strength, depth, and structure to your property while maintaining their tranquil appeal.

5. A Peaceful Space

There’s a reason why zen gardens focus so heavily on rock and stone structures. Rock gardens are renown for their peaceful properties, offering visitors a sense of serenity that is only accompanied by rock features.

6. Great With Water Features

The final benefit of a rock garden is that they go great with water features. Rock gardens are incredible on their own, but paired with ponds, fountains, or waterfalls — they become the ultimate space for serenity.

Transform Your Space

Rock gardens are a perfect way to transform your yard. Not only are these additions incredibly beautiful, but they are also extremely easy to maintain throughout the year. Here in Minnesota, we know how difficult gardens can be. The extremely cold climate can make certain landscape additions a nightmare. Rock gardens are a great way for you to create a tranquil aesthetic without a ton of maintenance.

Interested in a rock garden for your residential property? We provide custom solutions to transform your outdoor space into your dream yard. Contact us today!