Put Your Best Looks Forward with Front-Yard Landscaping

Don’t keep your gorgeous gardens in the back where no one can see them as they pass by – front yard landscaping can add gorgeous curb appeal and enhance the overall appearance of your home.  Imagine greeting your guests with abundant foliage and fragrant floral displays!  This Old House has a pictorial and illustration gallery with sugestions for foundation and front-yard plants to bring year-round interest and color to any yard.  Perennials of varying heights and blooming periods are featured, along with some information on a variety of plants.  If you’ve got a tall house, consider a climbing hydrangea – it can grow up to 50 feet!

While the flowers and shrubs shown could be used in a number of areas around your landscape, the selections given are specially recommended for front-yard interest and eye appeal.  Notice the varying heights, textures, and colors shown in this lush front yard display.  Wouldn’t you want to slow down for a good look as you drove past?  Better yet, wouldn’t you like your front lawn to look this eye-catching?

Mixing plants and being able to come up with an overall design that’s pleasing to the eye and attractive in all seasons can be a challenge for most people.  That’s where the services of an artistic landscape designer comes in.  Architectural Landscape Design specializes in unique landscape plans to bring just the right look to each property and home.  If you see something you like in this front-yard photo gallery and wonder if it will work in your yard, please give us a call.