Pools and Spas: Predictable or Not?

It used to be that a backyard swimming pool was a pretty predictable thing. It was rectangular, had a diving board, a couple of ladders, and a shallow and deep end. Times have changed homeowners can choose from different types of pools, new kinds of surfacing materials, high tech lights, etc.
A pool or spa can be the perfect recreation item in the backyard. They come in a lot of configurations and serve a lot of different purposes now. So careful planning and installation is key in order for you to get what you want.
MN Architectural Landscape Design’s pool designers can help ensure you get exactly what you are looking for in a backyard pool or spa. Making sure your pool suits your taste and needs is what we do.
Children need a wide, shallow are; lap swimmers need a long, straight section. A diving pool will include a board and a deep end that is at least seven feet deep. But if there is no diving, the pool need not be more than four or five feet deep.
Location, location, location! The key to a successful implementation is to locate the pool correctly on your landscape in a private spot with full sun. Also, locate access to a bathroom that can be used as a changing room. And finally a location near your house that is convenient to reach and light during the evening is key.
You can put paving or a concrete pool deck around the pool, or by adding boulders, flagstones, bridges, and other free-form edgings and your pool will double as a garden pond. Another idea is to have water cascading over concrete or boulders can lead to a small pool that is actually the spa.
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