Best Pool Hardscape Ideas

Pool Hardscape Design Ideas

Having a pool is one of the best parts of warm weather. But, without hardscaping around your pool, your backyard can look dull and messy. Luckily, there are plenty of pool hardscape ideas to choose from. So let’s look at a few of the options to create the best hardscape around your pool, whether an above-ground or in-ground pool.

What Are Hardscapes?

Before you get into your search for the perfect hardscape, you should know what it entails. Hardscapes are aesthetic landscapes created with solid objects such as stone, rocks, and composite wood. Don’t get this mixed up with softscapes, which are landscapes designed with plants.

People tend to use hardscapes over softscapes for pools because they are more durable. Softscape materials such as plants and mulch die and break down, causing you to spend money on them each year. The best hardscape around pool materials include stone and composite wood because they last a long time.

Best In-Ground Pool Hardscape Ideas

Creating an in-ground pool hardscape is rather easy, considering your pool is already at ground level. There is no need for decking because of this. So, you might be wondering what your in-ground pool hardscape options are. Here are three of the best in-ground pool hardscape ideas.

Natural Stone Patios

Stone patios can give a beautiful, natural look to the area surrounding your in-ground pool. Most hardware stores have a variety of colors, kinds, and sizes for you to choose from, so there is bound to be something you like. Flagstone is one of the most common types available.

Typically, you’ll lay your natural stones out and use mortar to keep them in place and fill in the cracks. When you finish, it’ll look like a tiled floor in your backyard.


Pavers work wonders for making in-ground pool hardscape ideas a reality. Most pavers are:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Brick

So, there are a few options to choose from. If you’re looking for a cheap yet durable option, you should go with concrete pavers.

Cement paste, water, and aggregate are the materials that make concrete. These are very cheap materials. That is why the overall cost of concrete pavers is cheaper when compared to bricks or stone. But, whichever route you choose, pavers will give your pool area a clean, geometrical look.


If you’re not looking for something fancy, the best hardscape material to put around your pool is concrete. This cheap material is easily adaptable to shaping, and it is a highly durable material. Concrete will last for sometimes hundreds of years, so you won’t have to worry about deterioration. If you don’t like the gray coloring of concrete, you could even paint it to work with your pool hardscape ideas.

Best Ground Pool Hardscape

Best Above-Ground Pool Hardscapes

While you can still build a patio around your above-ground pool, it’s not always the best hardscape around pool option. Here are three of the best above-ground pool hardscape ideas.

Pool Fence

Adding a fence around the border of your pool will not only give it a better look, but it makes your pool safer, especially if you have children. Most towns require that you have a fence around your pool anyway.

You can use fence materials ranging from wood to metal to block off your pool. There’s also a wide variety of designs for you to pick from, so you’re sure to find one that matches the aesthetic of your yard and pool.

Composite Wood Decks

Adding a deck is one of the best hardscape around pool options because it makes a backyard more appealing. Natural wood is usually durable for years but is prone to cracking and buckling. Because of this, you’re better off building a pool deck with composite wood. This material will provide your deck with a wood-looking finish, but it’s much sturdier.

Composite wood refers to wood-based materials combined with some form of adhesive. Most of the time, the adhesive is a plastic material, which is quite strong. Because of the addition of the plastic adhesive, composite wood lasts much longer than plain wood.


You can use pavers for your above-ground pool hardscape too. Pavers are an eye-catching above-ground pool hardscape that is perfect for borders. Placing them on the ground surrounding your above-ground pool will provide a decorative touch and the convenient purpose of keeping weeds away from your pool.

Using pavers is a simple and easy way to give your above-ground pool a more aesthetic look. If you’re not interested in a border, you could also make a little patio out of pavers around your pool.

The Best Pool Hardscape Ideas

The Bottom Line: Hardscapes Mean More Pool Time

To figure out the best pool hardscape ideas for your space, you’ll need to brainstorm the design style you’re looking for. You can achieve many different styles depending on your materials.

Most materials needed for a hardscape will be at your local hardware store, and you can build these pool hardscape ideas yourself. But, if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, you can always find a professional. Contact ALD today to get started on your new pool hardscape.