Plan Your Minneapolis Spring Landscape Now

snowHas all the recent snow got you stuck indoors with nothing to do?  We’ve got some ideas for your downtime.  Even though it is winter, it is a great time to be thinking and designing the perfect landscape for your home. It is never too early to think ahead when it comes to the best layout, look, design and extras that you want to do for the yard around your home.  And since you haven’t got an exterior maintenance chores (other than snow removal), what better way to make use of your time than to get ready for the warmer weather?

It is the perfect time to pre-plan for the spring landscape that you’ve always wanted. Not only does it give you the opportunity to really think and list out the features and extras you’d like to see in your landscape, but it also gives you enough time to think about those things you want to change or remove from the landscape when the weather starts to warm up and you go outside more.

You might just want to enhance the look of something throughout the yard that you already like – such as a pond or other body of water.  If you have an existing pond, you can add seating around it, a stone wall or just about anything else such as flowers to add a little more beauty and color to the area. The options are endless, but you do not have to remove a feature you like from the yard.  We can work with you to come up with ideas to make it even better.

You can also think about the different hardscapes that might be able to be added to the landscape design that you already have.   Hardscapes mean less lawn care, which means more free time to enjoy your yard.  We can design a patio or other hardscape area to give you the perfect outdoor room to do just that.

This is just a small list of the things you can think about and pre-plan for when the warmer weather arrives ,but it gives you enough time to plan ahead, budget and make your landscape dreams a realty. If you find that you need a little extra help during this process, speak with us at Architectural Landscape Designs. Dreaming of a beautiful yard this spring?  We are able to get you to where you need to go with the most beautiful landscape that fits you and your home.  We offer landscape design and installation in the Minneapolis MN area.   Call us at 952-292-7717.