Plan Your Decking Design Now: Decks To Consider For Slopes, Rocks, and Damp Areas

Decking is a great way to float a solution over problem, unusable space in your yard, or even outside drains. It is an immediate solution to a place where installing a patio may not work for a variety of reasons. Creating a new place for sitting in difficult spaces is one of the things that our landscape designers and architects do best. They’ll work with you to answer the questions you may have and design a space that works.

While a deck is a platform made of wood, there are multitudes of interesting options. You can have a singular deck, a series of terrace like decking going up a slope, bridges made from decks over stone riverbeds, decks around trees, decks around trees next to patios, or decking snaking across your yard to create interest. These questions are just a few to consider for getting your decking plans started:

How are you going to use the deck, are you interested in sunbathing or sitting in the shade?

Do you want the kids to play on it, or is it for barbecuing, or both?

Do you want the deck to be isolated, or linked to the house physically?

Are you interested in it being at ground level, or raised up on legs?

Does your deck need to wrap around a corner of your house, or do you want it to come out like a pier?

Are you interested in the lowest maintenance wood or are you looking for a lower cost option?

How does your deck affect the view of your neighbors and their view of you?

Are there overhead power lines to consider that are going to be a problem?

How does the deck integrate with your overall house and landscape plan?

Do you want built in seating on your deck?

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