Pergolas: Creating Private Places

You don’t need a lot of space to create a private place in the garden. If you don’t have a place that naturally is private you can create it by adding a pergola!  It also doesn’t have to be in a corner, you can put a pergola wherever you have decided you want some seclusion. A pergola is an arbor or passageway of columns supporting a trelliswork roof.

Sometimes by simply screening off a section of the garden with a little latticework you can get a great sense of privacy. You can go from the simple pergola of two lattice panels at right angles with a simple beamed structure overhead. Or you can create a dramatic approach to a pergola by establishing a green lawn path or a brick paver herringbone opening into a larger area where you place the pergola. If you want to create it as a viewing platform for the rest of the garden build retaining walls and fill them in and elevate the pergola on a platform. The retaining walls can double as planters with stone steps leading up to it. You can have built in benches or chairs, use it as a setting for tables and chairs, or simply a set of chaise lounges.

Both the simple and the more elaborate pergola types provide places for a lot of ornamentation. You can have abundant plantings that go up the wooden structures’ walls and cascade down from the beams. You can paint or stain the structure in a variety of colors to make it more rustic or more dramatic.

Using the lattice work as a design feature you can frame vignettes you want inhabitants or approaching guests to see. They can highlight statutes of lovers, fountains with spray, particular plantings that you want to feature. The simplicity or complexity can be achieved also through the type of flooring you install. Some range from gravel to elaborate brick or natural stone paver patterns to concrete platforms.

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