Patios That Make You Pause

A patio in your backyard can be a place that makes you pause both for its beauty and function. Plan a patio for your use that reflects your personal taste and how you’d like to use it. If you’re looking for a small backyard retreat you can create a patio at the end of a natural stone or brick walkway that is a blue stone or brick patio seven feet across surrounded by lush plantings. Or you can create a backyard lounge at the end of a walkway with a wooden cabana resort-style with white muslin curtains. The curtains that can either be tied back to give you a view of your world and used for entertaining year around, or tied back if you want more privacy for an afternoon nap.

Creating a curved brick patio in a perennial flower garden or a more remote area of your garden can provide you with a quiet place to retreat at the end of the day for a glass of wine with family or friends or a date with the daily newspaper.

Adding curves to a patio can be a patio with a formed concrete sofa that curves around the fire pit or faces the brick oven or fireplace for a cozy patio. This will provide a warm place for winter fires after cross-country skiing or sledding and a place for alfresco entertaining in the spring and summer time.

An outdoor living room adjoining a patio can be made to feel like another room in the house when stained concrete pavers are used to create an “area rug” to define the different spaces. Creating a two-sided outdoor room facing a fireplace abutting the house makes the fireplace the focal point. Define your concrete rectangular patio space with a rock wall that separates your patio from the rest of your yard providing a great backdrop for planted containers Mediterranean style. The options and ideas for patios uses and designs are endless.

Hardscapes such as pathways and patios are just some of the many landscape design features that can turn your yard into a place of beauty and a reflection of your own individual style.