What is the Best Building Material for Your Minnesota Patio / Deck?

 With all the various materials than can be built in and around your home, creating the perfect outdoor space is something that involves lots of creativity, and planning to make sure that it comes out completely right. Using the right landscape Designer is the best way to come up with a plan that will work with the rest of your house. In Minnesota, patios and decks are are par for the course, as few homes are without one.

Building a hardscape into your landscape can come about in many ways. The first decision to make is whether to use stone, wood, or synthetic composites. Stone is the natural favorite because once installed, it is for all practical purposes zero maintenance. Stone can withstand all the elements, is very strong, and will last a lifetime. In most cases it can even be reused when the next owner decides to make changes.

Wood is also a good choice because it can be put together and assembled into shapes that stone can’t. Its lighter weight can be used in positions above and below, that will enhance any plantings that are also incorporated into the scenery. Wood can also be stained or painted to bring different moods to that particular living space, moods that can be repainted and recreated whenever the homeowner decides to do so.

The only real downside to wood is that if not taken care of, it can over time begin to breakdown and rot as the weather takes its toll. However, a good landscape architect will be able to suggest appropriate, pressure treated woods, and install them in such a way so that water will not have a chance to sit and rot them. These professional applications will allow homeowners to get years of enjoyment out of whatever backyard designs they create.

The last material choice is a synthetic building material. There are way too many types to mention in this article, but composites are basically recycled wood, metal and plastic, made to look like natural wood. Some are better than others, but they all have a relatively low maintenance scale. They look great going in, and last a fairly long time, but eventually the sun and rain will cause them to fade and look like the plastic planks that they are.

So if this is the year you decide to build a beautiful space in your back yard, get the advice of a professional. Architectural Landscape Design and our team of design builders & horticulturalists will help you wade through all the options available, and see to it that you end up with the perfect design, custom made just for you. 952-292-7717