Adding Outdoor Luxury Spaces to Your Home

You have an idea, a dream, a vision of what your outdoor space can be. Your luxury home deserves an outdoor extension that matches its grandeur. Luckily, there are many ways to create the look and feel that you’ve been imagining all this time. From additions such as patios, pools, walkways, and more — to the various materials and features you can install to add a perfect touch of luxury to your outdoor space. 

There are of course some obvious choices for how you can make your yard a reflection of prosperity. Pools, outdoor kitchens, fountains already have a luxurious appeal — and it’s how you implement these additions that truly make your property stand out. Certain amenities and living space features can make a difference, but being unique and making distinguishable changes to your property is what really creates luxury. 

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How do you do this? Well, without the right vision or proper guidance your outdoor space may not live up to your aspirations. With projects that involve a certain look or appeal, it’s almost always worth getting a professional involved. That being said, we can give you some direction as to the various ways you can bring luxury to your outdoor space through incredible landscaping ideas and inspirations.

The Basics: Outdoor Living Spaces

We’ve covered outdoor living spaces before, and it’s worth covering some of the basics before jumping right into luxury landscaping. Just like with every landscaping project, you need to have a plan. This should encompass both the look and feel you’re going for, along with the functionality of each space you’re changing or adding. 

You need to be continuously reminding yourself that your outdoor space is an extension of your home. The continuity, either subtle or strong, should be purposeful. 

Now, there are nearly endless ways you can transform your standard outdoor space into a luxurious outdoor space. We’re going to cover a few of the more popular additions and changes you can make to upscale your property and add incredible curb appeal and value to your home. 

The Outdoor Kitchen 

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One of the fastest-growing additions for luxury homes is the outdoor kitchen. What better way to truly extend your home than to have a fully functioning kitchen outdoors — allowing you to entertain guests, cook outside, and enjoy your yard without skipping a beat. 

You can certainly go the simplified route and install countertops for your grill. But if you want to truly add luxury to your outdoor kitchen — you’ll want to create an almost spitting-image of how your indoor kitchen operates. But, how do you make this work outside? 

Location Matters

You’ll have to be careful about where you install your outdoor kitchen. Not only for safety reasons (especially if you have a grill) but also for convenience and ease. Keep in mind general flow, proximity to your indoor kitchen, and the view that may be blocked with your outdoor kitchen.

Appliances First, Kitchen Second

What we mean by this is that your appliances will ultimately decide your outdoor kitchen’s size. Not only will you need to determine what appliances you want, but also how large they will be. This will help navigate the design process. 

Choose the Right Materials

This could be dependent on your current landscaping layout and materials — but choosing the right materials for your outdoor kitchen is what could really make this addition stand out. This goes for both the countertops, stone accessories, fireplace or features, furnishing, and appliances. All of these will have to align for a certain aesthetic and appeal — which also needs to play nicely with your home. 

Light Up The Night 

Don’t forget about lighting your outdoor kitchen. This is perhaps one of the more important components of a luxury space, as it can add both ambiance and functionality for night time entertainment. Especially in Minnesota where we only get a few months out of the year to enjoy the outdoors, we know you want to spend as much time outside as possible. So, keep lighting top of mind. 

The Right Amount of Luxury 

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Here at Architectural Landscape Design, we’ve transformed countless properties to achieve the luxurious appeal that you’re craving. Two of the most important parts of the house for achieving this appeal is your kitchen and living area. While additions like pools or tennis courts may scream lavish — they aren’t always practical for certain property types.

Making the right changes to your properties outdoor living spaces so that your amenities and fixtures stand out is the best possible way to create a sense of splendor. Contact us today and we’ll consult with you about how to create the best possible outcome for your individual property.