Expand your Minnesota Outdoor Living Space – Add an Outdoor Kitchen!

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Family members and guests always gravitate to the kitchen during meal preparation and entertaining. But, when spring and summer comes a cook can quickly find themselves very lonely in their kitchen while everyone is outside in the backyard.
An outside kitchen can be beautiful, functional, and fun. An experienced design team from Architectural Landscape Design can design and install an outdoor kitchen that has everything you need to make it the heart of your outside living space. We’ll listen to what you want and work very hard to make sure your personal tastes; needs and desires are reflected in the design plan. Prior to starting installation we’ll walk through a detailed plan to make sure that all of those requirements are reflected.
We’ll design your outdoor kitchen similar to a well-designed indoor kitchen. Reviewing the physical location we’ll review things like how close are the neighbors, how remote do you want it or how near to the inside kitchen. We can pull all the permits and make arrangements for all of the gas, water, and electricity requirements.
We’ll ask the questions so we can personalize your kitchen. Do you want a grill only or do you want to incorporate refrigerators, blenders, and prep sinks, etc? Do we want the placement on a deck outside the back door, or do you have an interest in a permanent structure built like a pergola. What are the sunlight variances during the day? Do you want to add fans or misters to keep the cook and guests cool in the summer and heat lamps to keep them warm in the fall? Give us an opportunity to set down and discuss your outdoor kitchen ideas, Architectural Landscape Design, serves Minneapolis and the St Paul Metro.  Give our Minneapolis Landscape Design team a call at 952-292-7717.