Outdoor Landscape Lighting Minneapolis Style

Night time lighting is one of those garden features that few people pay attention to, but once they see a good display, everyone wants one. Why do we have to wait until Christmas to light up our yards? Properly placed spot lights, up-lights, and floods will illuminate all of nature’s beauty, each their own unique way.
 The dew in the morning will take on a personality of its own; an evening shower will perform a chorus and dance that you would otherwise never see. Animals that you knew were out there will not become part of your family. By utilizing the simply addition of lighting in your landscaping, you will find that your house will take on a whole new dimension.
 The issue with light is that it is best used to highlight something and make it stand out. Floodlights are fine for a wooded edge, a patio or deck, but they should be used sparingly. Too much of this type of lighting just makes your yard look like a football field.
 Spot lights and up-lighting work well most everywhere else. Spots that shine up the side of the house work well to give your home a natural looking glow that will make it look welcome to everyone except intruders. Spots can also be used to highlight a magnificent tree. A large tree with far reaching limbs will come alive with 3-4 small spot light shining up into the branches at night. You may find that you will want to go outside and sit under it more often, leading to other additions to your home as well.
Landscape Silhouette lighting is another interesting way to accent something in particular. This is spotlighting from behind, to bring out interesting shapes; a trellis, or gazebo perhaps. Silhouette lighting also makes a good impression when shone from above, to mimic the moonlight. This type of lighting, coupled with strings of small, soft tree lights is a beautiful effect to any home.
 There are so many ways to utilize lighting other than to guide a walkway, or guard the front door. All the various forms of lighting can be used to accent your home in ways that you never thought possible. Speaking with one of our trained and experienced experts will help give you some ideas about how our Minneapolis Landscape Design Company can make this happen for you. It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, and typically won’t tear up the yard either, so why wait for Christmas? 952-292-7717