Outdoor Furniture for Your Beautiful Yard

Would you like to have a beautiful yard?

In order to do this, landscape design is a very important aspect.  Properly situating flower beds, outdoor lighting, and pathways, as well as including outdoor constructions like pergolas may just turn your yard into that wonderful outdoor living room.

But keep in mind that you want to be able to feel comfortable as well as spend more time in your yard as well. 

This is where outdoor furniture comes in handy.  Maybe not every yard you see needs outdoor furniture, but every GREAT yard does.

This time of year you can find some incredible deals on outdoor furniture at the big box home improvement stores as they’re clearing out space for new spring stuff.

Choosing the perfect outdoor furniture for your yard can become a very overwhelming task, if you do not know what to take into account when purchasing it.

Usually flower designs and other landscaping plants, shrubs and trees are included in the main centerpieces of your yard.  If that’s the case, you want to complement nature.  Many pieces of outdoor furniture originated from natural materials, such as wicker or wood and stone.  These three materials are definitely preferred due to the simple fact that they exude a more natural environmental feel. Due to this, wooden outdoor furniture and natural stone furniture are staples in many yards.

But don’t forget about comfort.  Lounging for more than a few minutes means you’ll need benches and chairs with good back support. Cushy couches and chairs are the right touches for conversation spots or shady nooks to relax in.

But backless stone and wood benches placed strategically around your yard can be inviting, too.  They provide a place to pause as you move about the yard.  They also work well when set beside a gorgeous garden or even a pond or waterfall to invite quiet contemplation.

Whatever you choose for your yard, look for:

  • Quality construction – you want furniture that’s going to stand up to time and weather
  • Materials made to resist moisture and sunlight, unless your furniture will be under cover and you”ll be storing it for the winter
  • Designs that work well with the overall look of both your yard and your home

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At ALD we offer custom-designed natural stone furniture, a very popular look for many of our clients.  To find out what’s available, contact us today for a free in-home consultation.  We provide landscape design and installation in the Minneapolis MN area.