Outdoor Furniture Can Create a Backyard Paradise

Do you ever wish that you could spend more time enjoying your garden? With some well-placed furniture and a little bit of love, it’s easy to turn your yard into an extension of your home. Outdoor furniture gives you a comfortable and convenient place to relax and experience nature, making your garden not only attractive, but also livable. You don’t have to limit yourself to indoor spaces when you have outdoor areas where you can cook, eat, entertain and relax.

Our goal at ALD is to help you to create a garden that’s both beautiful and functional using a blend of softscapes and stonework. Let us help you to get that resort feel right in your own home by turning your garden into a comfortable and livable space.

Add Value and Versatility to Your Yard with Custom-Made Stone Furniture

Stone furniture can add a natural touch to your yard, seamlessly blending softscape with hardscape. We offer a wide selection pre-designed stone furnishings, but many of our customers opt to order custom pieces that have been specially crafted to fit their home. Our talented masonry crew uses both traditional and modern stone-cutting techniques to bring you rare and unique furniture that you won’t find anywhere else. Our durable pieces will last for generations, withstanding years of weather and wear with minimal maintenance. We use locally sourced materials and create all of our custom furniture in-house so that we can pass the savings onto you.

A simple bench or table can add a whole new dimension to your yard by giving you a place to sit and relax during the day. Our stone furniture can instantly turn your garden into a functional area, increasing the livable space of your property while giving you a place to enjoy the landscape around your home. Instead of keeping the family cooped up indoors, you can spend quality time together outdoors.

Outdoor furniture gives you the freedom to use your backyard year-round to host dinners, celebrate holidays and get together with loved ones. You and your friends can keep cool in the summertime as you enjoy an afternoon barbecue, or stay warm in the winter by gathering around a custom fire pit. From small gatherings to major events, we can help you to set the stage for a lifetime of unforgettable evenings in your own backyard. You can learn more about our custom stone furniture here.

Set the Scene for Outdoor Dining and Entertainment

If you want to wow your guests, outdoor furniture can transform a plain patio into your own personal entertainment venue. Our custom designs create a unique and versatile living solution for your yard, regardless of space or budget constraints. We’re ready to tackle challenges of any size to help you turn your garden into an area of which you can be proud.

Outdoor Living Rooms

When most of us think of living rooms, we envision comfortable couches and cozy fires. You can turn your garden into an extension of your home’s living room by adding seating, tables, and even a custom-built stone fireplace. We take into account your unique vision to create a beautiful outdoor living room that reflects your individual lifestyle. From small serenity spaces and conversation nooks to living areas that can accommodate multiple guests, we can help to transform your garden into the highlight of your home. You can find out more about our outdoor living spaces here.

Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

In the summertime, cooking outside can be more comfortable than confining yourself in a hot kitchen. We can help you to construct a custom kitchen that fits your yard, complete with durable stone countertops, water hookups, electric, gas, and lighting. You’ll have everything that you need to create delicious homemade meals for your friends and family.

If you don’t want to construct an entire kitchen in your backyard, you can opt for a smaller bar area instead. We offer everything from simple stone countertops to professional bar stations for the avid entertainer. Our patented “Elements” Fire & Water table is an ALD original that will delight and excite guests when they come to visit. You and your friends can enjoy cocktails while watching a mesmerizing gel-based fire pit that appears to be enveloped in bubbling water. This one-of-a-kind table is guaranteed to get the conversation flowing at your next social gathering. You can find more information about the “Elements” Fire & Ice table and other custom bar options here.

Poolside Living

Enjoy all of the luxuries of a private resort without ever stepping foot outside your property. We can help you to turn your pool or spa into the focal point of your backyard. Custom made stone furniture gives you and your guests the perfect place to relax and soak in the sun, while a poolside bar or kitchen lets you keep the party rolling with drinks and snacks. Learn more about how we can transform your pool into an entertainment center here.

Turn Your Garden into a Living Space

We know that you’re proud of your garden, and at ALD, we’re committed to helping you fully enjoy everything that your yard has to offer. We can create custom furniture and outdoor living spaces that will turn your landscape into a functional work of art. Call us at 952-242-9368 or send us a message to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today.