Ornamental Grasses Could Add Natural Beauty to Your Minneapolis Home

Does your landscape design include ornamental grasses?  The Minnesota area has a lot of cold weather coming and you need to know some great care instructions to ensure that your ornamental grasses are looking their best for when the spring time decides to roll back around.

photo courtesy cleanme.us
photo courtesy cleanme.us

If you haven’t got any of these landscape stars in your yard, perhaps it’s time to consider adding them.  Ornamental grasses are one of the biggest and most dynamic perennial plant families out there. You will find them in dry, sunny, hot areas. However, they are still able to adapt to those areas that get at least 6 hours of sunlight directly on them. They are able to fill up areas of over 6 feet or even smaller 10 inch spots. They come in a wide variety of textures, colors, and types to choose from. You can choose from oranges to blues and greens to add a variety of color in your landscape.


Characteristics of Ornamental Grasses for Landscaping

  • Wildlife habitat
  • Movement that is pleasing to the eye and ear
  • Attractive seed heads in spring, summer and fall
  • Varied colors and textures
  • Good fall color
  • Vigorous growth and hardiness
  • Pest and disease resistant


Hints That Can be Helpful When Adding Grasses to Your Minneapolis Yard

Grasses are able to be planted at any time throughout their growing season which lasts from May to September. They can provide a lot of different aspects to any landscape scheme such as bright colors, different textures, and interesting foliage. When fall hits, you do not have to cut the grasses back. They should be cut in the spring time to look more orderly but still fit in with the landscape. To reach their full potential, they need three years to grow and flourish. They do require little maintenance after they reach the maturity level.

Here at ALD, we can suggest many different ornamental grasses that will thrive with your particular yard condition and will weather Minnesota’s climate well. Our MN landscape installation company is able to provide more in depth information concerning ornamental grasses.  If you’d like to find out more about what these plants could do for your outdoor areas, please give us a call.