On a Budget? Landscape Designs That Save Money

Is your yard neglected?  Do you avoid using it?  You’re not alone.  In these tight economic times, for many homeowners, their landscaping has been put off due to concerns about cost.  You’d like to have a nice place for your family to relax and entertain guests, but you’re worried about the cost.   The reality is that it doesn’t have to be as costly as you might think.  If you choose the right materials and elements, you can create a nice little space out back that is all your own. Start saving some dollars now when it is winter, to be able to start on sprucing up your landscape in the spring when the warmer weather hits. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to save some money but still make your backyard beautiful.

Your Backyard Can Be Transformed With Some Simple Elements

Start with adding some colorful plants – lots of them are inexpensive and can make your yard stand out more than ever. If you have a smaller area, go with smaller flowers and plants, but up the size of the plants if you have a lot of area to work with. Some of the plants that stand out before all others are alyssum, clematis, delphinium and viburnum.  Annuals are usually cheaper, but perennials have the added bonus of coming back year after year.  Make sure to take care of the plants regularly. You can also choose the amount of care that you want to give the plants by selecting varieties according to the amount of time you want to devote to landscape care.  Just a hint – plants that are native to this part of Minnesota will need a lot less attention than other varieties.  No room or budget for a garden?  Container plantings will give you color at a fraction of the cost.

Placing stepping stones throughout the backyard as walking paths can give it a new look but also cost less than full-blown paving.  Start with having an idea of where the path begins and ends; then you can lay out the stones in whatever design you choose before they get put in the ground.

Water features in the yard make a yard to stand out more. If a pool is out of your budget, you can go with a fountain or small pond which will not cost a lot but make all the difference on how the yard looks. The sound and look of the water feature can be very relaxing

A full set of patio furniture might be more than you’re prepared to spend, so check out simple benches.  Wood is a good choice, and you can sit back and enjoy everything that you’ve done to your yard. Stone furniture is also a good idea as well if you want something that fits in with the rest of the nature look that is going on, but it will be more costly.  Gazebos provide protection and allow you to use your yard in the rain, but an inexpensive alternative is adding a simple canopy over the benches.

If you’re thinking you can’t do much with your yard based on your budget, why don’t you contact one of our landscape design professionals to learn more about what they are able to provide you with? At Architectural Landscape Design, we are able to walk you through the whole process and give you an affordable quote based off what you have to work with.  Call us today to set up a design consultation – you might be pleasantly surprised with how affordable landscape design and installation in Minneapolis can be.  952-272-7712.