Now You Can Watch Us Install Landscaping Projects

Have you ever wondered just what goes into our landscaping projects? 

Well, wonder no more!  We are now making available short time-lapse videos of some of the projects we’ve done recently around the Minneapolis area.  One of our favorites is this walkway transformation, shown below.

While not all the videos have a before and after, in this one you actually get to watch most of the steps in putting in this new walkway, swapping out old patio block stepping stones for a brick mosaic that’s a work of art, if we do say so ourselves!

Another thing you’ll get to see in this video is just how much detailed work goes into something that seems simple.  It’s just a front walk, right?  How hard can it be to install a sidewalk?  It’s more complicated than you’ve probably thought.  Just watch all the different tools and equipment that our crew uses.  The video moves fast, so see just how many different tasks you can identify!

What you don’t get to see in this video is everything that led up to it – our meetings with the homeowner, the design process in our shop, and all the prep that went into gathering materials and equipment for our crew.  But hopefully you’ll get a taste of what it would be like to have a beautiful new sidewalk put in at your house.

And if you follow us on Facebook, you’ll find more videos and project photos. 

If you’d like a creative walkway leading up to your front door, why not contact us to discuss your ideas?  We’ll meet you at your house – and our initial consultations are always free.

ALD is a licensed Minnesota landscape design, installation, and maintenance contractor.  In addition to working in the Minneapolis area, we also offer residential and commercial landscaping solutions for all Minnesota as well as western Wisconsin.