Night lighting: Light your Yard for the Pleasure of Increased Outdoor Entertaining and Family Time

A light above the door and a post lantern in the front yard with a floodlight in the back yard used define outdoor lighting. Now there is no limit to the types of lighting for yards. The best systems for lighting your house at night provide three things: safety, security, and ambiance or mood.

Take an inventory with these three requirements in mind. Our MN landscape designers and architects at Alternative Landscape Design can offer advice and show you how they have incorporated night lighting plans in multiple landscapes.

Safety is critical, look at both your hardscapes and yard. Whether you are entertaining or just stepping outside you need to be able to see well enough to avoid injuries. Start by walking from the street up to your front entry, walk around to the back of the yard. Try any stairs; look for blind spots, any uneven or broken walkways. Is there any place on your landscape where someone could run into an object or possibly due to the drop offs take a tumble? We can light up stairs, retaining walls, fences, patios, decks,and sidewalks by installing low-voltage fixtures such as path lights, or riser lights. This type of lighting also directs traffic keeping people in lit places increases safety.

A well lit yard discourages burglars and intruders increasing security. We can help install lighting that is well shielded so it doesn’t disturb your neighbors or you.

Mood lighting through up-lighting, down-lighting, and side-lighting can add a magical relaxing feel to your yard. It also increases the time you’re able to use your backyard and makes it safer.

Install points of light that provide security and safe passage in your yard while protecting the mood. If you are interested in night lighting don’t hesitate to call us today on 952-292-7717.