Solving Erosion and Slope Problems with Natural Stone and Boulders: Two-Tiered Terraces and Riverbeds

Dealing with a slope or an erosion problem in your yard can cause major issues. A retaining wall constructed of boulders or natural stones may just be the solution. Picture that same slope with a natural stone walkway that leads to a new two-tiered terrace where stone steps take you into a lower area. Awaiting you at the bottom of the steps is a natural stone patio complete with a sitting area and a firepit perfect for entertaining. The tiers are gently curving walls built of boulders or natural stones. The green spaces on each tier are lushly planted with flowers, shrubs, and trees. Now that problem space has become a place of beauty.

Landscaping using boulders and natural stone can make that space or terrace come true for you. At Minnesota’s Architectural Landscape Design, our design staff can work with you to solve any problem space. The installation of boulders and stone with their natural beauty can transform many problem areas into functional places.

Hardscapes are the hard elements of landscaping that provide the structure or “bones” of a property. They can include driveways, sidewalks, and walkways. These elements provide the “foundation” of your yard through their physical definitions like a driveway often separates you from your neighbors.

Creating riverbeds with boulders and natural stone can bring an element of water interest when you install natural looking winding riverbeds around your property. They also serve to effectively solve erosion problems. In addition, they can solve slope problems by providing a natural transition from a higher area to a lower area of your lawn. A slope that was once an erosion problem can now be an area of beauty with the mix of flowers and rocks softening it.  Also, riverbeds echoing a real river can wind along your property line or driveway making the space between you and your neighbors a softened line instead of a defined straight lot line.

Our skilled Minneapolis and landscape design company can effectively assess your property, soil, and physical conditions and make recommendations for building or adding to the “foundation” of your landscape using boulders and natural stone. Call us today at 952-292-7717.