Natural Flagstone Paver Benefits – Part 1

If you’re ready for some new hardscaping around your yard – like a patio or a walkway – may we suggest flagstone?

Natural flagstone pavers are generally used for path and walkways around or to the home. They provide the homeowner with a multitude of benefits when used. They can also be a long lasting, durable solution for many other paving jobs that you have in mind around the home.

Flagstone Is Versatile

Natural flagstone is acid resistant, allowing it to be placed  directly over soil. These pavers can be used on just about any surface that you need to create a path or other area, including inside your home. They are also known as a flat hardscape, since they lay flat against the ground.  That makes them perfect for outdoor dining or kitchen areas, but they can be used for many different flat purposes.

Flagstone Has Durability

Flagstone can resist high traffic, heat and moisture. This allows the stone to last for many more years than some of the other options on the market. Unlike concrete, they take a lot to crack and break down.  They also come in varying thicknesses, so you can choose which works the best for your project.

Flagstone Provides Safety

It is slip-resistant, making it ideal to have around any wet area, especially when children are running back and forth. They have textured ridges on them, which also makes them ideal for pool areas since they provide more grip, even with they are wet, and unlike asphalt they will not heat up in the sun.

Flagstone Is Low Maintenance

One of the biggest reasons natural flagstone in used in yards is due to the fact that it is virtually maintenance free. Hosing the stone down every now and again is beneficial, but it lasts for years, does not have to be sealed or painted, and looks naturalyet beautiful in the yard.

When you’re considering adding natural flagstone pavers to your yard, speak with us here at ALD. Not only can we recommend the best pavers for the job, but we have a large selection of natural stone to choose from. Why not call us today to schedule a free initial in-home consultation so we can get started on designing and installing your flagstone patio or walkway right away!