Mulching Basics – Comparing Common Materials

We’ve shared information with you on mulching in two earlier posts, and some gardeners have asked about the various types of mulch – which is better for the soil, which keeps weeds down best, etc.  We found a great breakdown on the various materials commonly used for much (and there are a myriad of others; these are the most popular) on the For Dummies site.  Several types are covered, and pros and cons of each material are given so that you can make an informed choice for your garden.  Remember, no space is identical; soil varies, and so do the needs of the different plants that might be affected.  Also, you should take into consideration your main purpose for mulching.  Is it for aesthetics?  To keep down weeds?  To enrich the soil?  The answer to that question may help you decide.

Helping Twin Cities residents love their gardens and bring their landscape visions to life is what we’re here for.  If you’re not sure how mulch can fit into your outdoor scheme, consult an expert garden designer