More on Planning That Outdoor Room for Spring Time in Minnesota

The spring is a great time of the year to start planning that outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of all winter.  With the right ideas and the right people helping you along the way, you can make the most the space in your yard.   If you’ve read Part 1 of this series, you already have gotten some ideas.  Here are some additional tips that can help you make the best decision on what to do for your outdoor room and relaxing spaces.

  • Know the rules and building codes for the area. You want to make sure that you’re not doing something you shouldn’t be doing or will have to undo.  A professional landscape company is a great asset here,  someone to do any of the , since they will most likely know the regulations of the area that perhaps you were not sure of.
  • 03mar19a1a15Outdoor entertainment areas are currently the rage for homes in the Minneapolis area.  Outdoor kitchen and dining spots are still popular, but these outdoor living rooms also include such things as outdoor media rooms and game areas.  When you choose to have one of these types of living spaces outdoors, you should always make sure that you can run the utility lines you’ll need and are following city rules for open flames in the yard if you choose to install a fire feature.
  • Details make the difference.  Pay attention to the design and the finishing touches throughout the outdoor room that you have.
  • Small things can make a big impact on the function and beauty of the room. Placing potted plants with beautiful flowers around, or choosing the right fabric for the outdoor furniture can make all the difference when outdoors in the natural sunlight.  And low-voltage landscape lighting that is strategically placed will cast an inviting glow over the area so you can use it after dark.
  • One of the top outdoor room features now is a fire pit.  A lot of times people go to this option first and foremost. Not only can you get the gathering area you want, but it can provide a beautiful focal point for the outdoor room you designed.  Fire pits can be built in or free-standing so they can be moved.

With the right MN landscape design and installation team behind you for the outdoor room that you’ve been longing for, you can always make sure that you’re getting all that you need in the process. That ideal outdoor room is able to provide you with the fun in the sun, the comfort and functionality that you’ve always wanted without having to go to a vacation destination. Speak with us here at ALD to have us help you with all that you wanted and more. We are a licensed MN landscaping company that provides everything you need from design to installation and beyond.  Call us today for a free initial consultation!