Modern Screen Porches Are Popular Home Additions

Modern Screen Porches Are Popular Home Additions

No matter where you live in this world, your physical and mental well-being are improved when you have ready access to fresh air. Even in Minnesota, where the winters tend to be a bit harsher than in some other states, homeowners love the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living year-round.

One of the most popular ways for integrating the outdoors with day-to-day living is with a modern screened porch. The screened porches of today go way beyond what they were in decades past. They have evolved from sleeping porches.

You may not know the term, but before air conditioning screened porches were a popular home addition because they offered respite from hot, sleepless nights.

And screened porches aren’t limited to backyards, either. Many are built onto the front of the house to enjoy great views of the neighborhood.

4 Great Reasons to Have a Screened Porch

There are so many benefits to having a screened porch. Here are just a few reasons to check into getting one installed on your house.

  1. Enjoy the Outdoors Year-round. Even when it’s snowing outside or below freezing temperatures, you can be comfortable on your screened porch. With added features like a fireplace, gas stove, or portable heaters, your space can be as toasty as sitting in your living room.

And in nice weather, you can use your screened porch as an extension of your house. Without even setting foot on the lawn, you have the advantage of fresh breezes and great natural views without the hassle of insects or rain ruining the experience.

  1. Expanded Living Space. By adding a screened porch, you are increasing the square footage of your home. You’ll have an extra room that can be used for several purposes, including a home office, entertainment space, playroom, craft room, and more.
  2. Return on Investment. A screened porch adds value to your home. If you put your home up for sale, potential buyers will see it as a plus over those houses without this feature.
  3. Protection from the Elements. No matter what purpose you use your screened porch for, you’ll be shielded from the harmful rays of the sun, rain ruining your party, mosquitoes, and flies pestering you, or even the stray bird or squirrel. Stay comfortable and secure in your little haven in the outdoors.

Not only will people be protected, but your furnishings are safeguarded as well. There will be less fading and deterioration from being exposed to weather, so they will last much longer.

Creating a Dedicated Office Space in Your Own Backyard

Uses for Your Screened Porch

There are so many ways to put your new screened porch to good use. In fact, you may have trouble deciding which option to choose. Here are some great suggestions to start with:

  • There are so many options for making your screened porch into a place where you can entertain family and friends. You can add a game table for fun nights or a bar for parties. Dinners on the porch can be casual and enjoyed without the annoying flies and mosquitoes. A TV can be mounted for video games or sporting event-watching.
  • De-stress on your comfy lounge chair with a good book. Bask in the cool breezes with your morning cup of coffee or your evening cocktail. Or just simply close your eyes and meditate in the peaceful environment that surrounds you.
  • Home office. Many of us are working from home, at least part-time. Why not do it in the great outdoors? It’s a peaceful and quiet way to concentrate and focus on completing tasks in your private outdoor room.
  • Study area. Schoolwork is more palatable when combined with a natural outdoor setting. The screened porch can be a spot that encourages deep thinking and concentration.
  • Craft or hobby room. Get your creative juices flowing by setting up all your supplies and organizing them on your outdoor screened porch. Do you like to paint or draw? Make pottery? If you need space for your activities, a screened porch has a lot to offer.
  • Kids’ playroom. Your children can play with their toys, read books, watch movies, and just be kids in a secure place. They can use their “outside voices” without admonishment. You’ll know where they are and that they are safe from harm.
  • Pet’s sanctuary. comfortable and cats love the outdoors but letting them roam free is unsafe and usually against the law. Put their bed, toys, food, and water on the screened porch and allow them to enjoy watching the birds and squirrels.

Get More Living Space with a Screened Porch

No matter how you use it, adding a screened porch to your home is an investment that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. You can decorate to fit your needs and personality. Add ceiling fans, light fixtures, water fountains, furniture, and plants to make it your own. Bring the positive aspects of the outdoors in while being protected from the elements.