MN Spring Gardening Can Be Challenging – Tips for Success

The Midwest might be called the nation’s breadbasket, but here in Minnesota we often have unique challenges when it comes to getting going with our gardens in the spring.  Why should such a fertile area have so many garden problems?  One reason is we deal with a wide variety of weather conditions.  In six months the temps can be as much as 120 degrees difference!  And we also deal with wildly-fluctuating moisture levels – droughts and floods can occur within a very short time span.  Add to that the fact that many garden pests love to call Minnesota home during the growing season, and you can have a real challenge on your hands.

But don’t despair – there is hope for a successful spring garden, even in Minnesota.  Armed with the right information such as recommended boosts for the soil (we’re sadly deficient in rich topsoil due to an explosion in building development), hardiness zones, and bugs, you too can have garden plots bursting with colorful flowers and delicious vegetables.  E How Home has Spring Planting Guidelines for the Midwest which should help.

The best garden design is one that takes into account the variety of factors – soil conditions and climate, drainage and sunlight, as well as other elements such as the architectural style of the home and the lifestyle of the owner.   Architectural Landscape Design specializes in bringing all these factors together to produce beautiful Minnesota landscapes