We Design and Install Outdoor Kitchens in the Twin Cities!

When people think of outdoor kitchens, they think of a basic grill, built into a brick surround. Well, outdoor kitchens in Minnesota have come a long way in recent years, and some of them are even better that the indoor one. Depending on how much you plan on using it, outdoor kitchens can be tailor made to fit any lifestyle, and the options available will give you plenty of ideas to help make that decision.

The Asian wok is one particular favorite because it can cook so many things. It can cook, steam, and keep things warm while people are coming and going. The wok feature has a wide top with 2 sets of trivets. A smaller center one to focus the heat on the wok, and a larger outer one, that will also allow for larger stock pots, perfect for crab and shrimp boils. This means that chefs can sauté fast in the 20” wok, or allow food a slow simmer, while they enjoy the patio.  

Ever hear of a kegerator?  It is a built in appliance, specially designed to keep your beers cold, and flowing. Imagine a tap coming from the top of your counter top? Below is a large refrigerator that will house the keg, and several other cases depending on how ambitious you are. Considered both good and bad, the kegerators are able to stay outside nearly all year long. These can be free standing, to allow it to be rolled across the patio for easier access, or slid under a counter top, to give the appearance of being built in. For more serious draft drinkers, there is also a 3 tap dispenser that will allow for a variety of brands.

Even the most basic of outdoor kitchens designs come with some type of a grill surface. These are also very sophisticated, and come with a variety of options that allow the outdoor chef to prepare just about anything outdoors these days. These grill tops can be removed from their freestanding base, and dropped into the built in counter top, or allowed to stand free for easy moving. Maybe you can’t see the game from the grill top, so just take it out and wheel it closer to the door. Problem solved.

These types of grills typically have (4) 25,000 BTU burners, infrared rotisserie burner, warming rack, and smoker tray. If designed right, these outdoor great rooms will create an entirely new living space right within the confines of your current home. Give us a call at Minneapolis’ Architectural Landscape Design, to find out more about how we can upgrade your home in time for the next season of outdoor grilling. 952-292-7717