Minnesota Summer Landscaping Tips

07jul30b2a15While most of the country is having a heat wave, we’ve been blessed with a mild summer.  Have you been out in your yard to enjoy it?

Did you notice that your flowers are in full bloom and your landscaping plants are a bright green?  We are hoping that they are!  

With all the warm weather in these months you may believe that it would be hard to damage your perfect yard.  H owever, you could damage that beautiful landscape by accident just by doing things that you would never consider to be harmful. We want to help you keep your landscaping healthy all summer long, so here are some tips that will help you accomplish just that!

Summer Landscape Care

The first tip that we have for you may come to you as a shock during the hot summer months. It has to do with watering your plants, flowers, as well as your landscape.

  • Don’t over-water


While the hot weather has you consuming more liquid beverages than normal, your plant, flowers, and landscaping plants generally do not need that extra watering.  We’ve had plenty of rain, so the ground should be moist enough.  Just keep in mind, that it is better not to over-water your grass and plants.  What is called deep watering at a less frequent intervals is the best option, Deep watering involves providing a prolonged watering that will soak down into the soil and not just sit close to the surface. It will encourage a deep root growth as well as a more enhanced drought tolerance.

The other tip that we have in order for us to help you with that evergreen landscaping.

You should closely watch out for fungus that could potentially overrun your evergreen trees and shrubs during the summer months. We found that one of the best ways to keep away fungal growth is to do your watering early in the day hours.  Considering the high moisture that summer brings, it is common for a fungal growth to appear. Many fungal growths appear as a powdery mildew that grows along with a brown space on your grass.

Your yard is something that should be enjoyed at this time of the year, and that means taking care of it properly. However, if you find that you’re considering a lower maintenance landscape or want to have some help going over it, then speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design – we have multiple options that we can suggest.