Minnesota Spas

 Building a spa in your backyard was often reserved for those lucky few who managed their retirement well. However, few design builders knew how to put one together correctly, and didn’t always consider the weight of it when full of water. These spas often ended up getting not much use and being little more than an eyesore 2 or 3 years later. With Architectural Landscape Design in Minneapolis, all that has changed. We understand how to get you the spa you have always wanted, build it to last, and remove all the hassle of maintaining it.

Spas are one piece units now that are built directly within the landscape. Most of the higher quality ones will only need a few water treatments now and then to balance the pH, and there are even professional pool companies that will take care of this for you if you don’t want to.

An outdoor spa can add a new room to your existing home, giving a new dimension to your life you never thought possible. Great for retirees, the kids and grandkids will enjoy their downtime in them, too. More people are discovering that having a spa in your back yard is something that can be used all year long, even in the wintertime. If designed and built with this in mind, there are ways to build it so that one can step out of the water and into a protected area so that you will not have to walk too long in the freezing cold. You may even want to build a greenhouse around it, one that will still allow you to open it up in the summer, but still protect you in the winter.

The design build options are countless; this is why you will need the help of a professional landscape architect to help come up with something practical that will work for you and your family. Outdoor spas and kitchens are becoming more and more popular now, and once you have one you will know why. Minnesota is too beautiful to leave outdoors. 952-292-7717