Minneapolis Lawns Need Some Care in Fall

photo courtesy abduzeedo.com
photo courtesy abduzeedo.com

The State Fair is over, and that signals the end of summer.  The fall season is one of those seasons where you have to prepare for the long winter ahead of you. Your lawn is going to go dormant in the winter time, fertilizing it during this time is crucial to providing the vitamins and minerals it needs to survive the winter ahead. The stored food from the fertilizer is what the roots of the grass thrives on during this time until spring hits again.

One way to do this is through power seeding. Not only does it improve the density of the turf but it also improves the overall health and appearance come spring time. The denseness of the lawn can protect against insect and weed damage that might be a problem in your area.

Lawn aeration is also another great thing to do during the fall before the winter. It is able to protect against compaction from the summer months and encourages the grass to take in more oxygen and nutrients.

Reseeding is an option if the lawn is thinner.

Keep the lawn leaf-free, and blow or rake the lawn clean once a week to give a better look and keep it healthy. The leaves on your lawn can block water absorption and sunlight which is needed to gather the nutrients needed to make it through the winter.

Winterize your lawn mower to keep it in good working condition for when spring time rolls around. Your lawn mower shouldn’t be the only thing winterized, however; shrubs and trees will need to be done as well. Evergreens can lose a lot of moisture throughout the winter, but adding oil to them can prevent this from happening.

If your lawn maintenance is taking more time than you’d like, perhaps it’s time to talk to our landscape design experts at ALD about low maintenance replacements for lawns such as using rock gardens, natural grasses, and and hardscapes. Our MN landscape design company can help you choose the right solution during the fall time to get through the winter.