Making Use Of Those Useless Spaces | Landscaper Minneapolis St Paul MN

If you are a homeowner, then you undoubtedly have some spaces in your yard that are not getting much use. Maybe it is not protected from the elements, or the neighbors 🙂  but whatever the reason why not capture that space with a standalone fire pit.

Fire pits can be placed anywhere, and be either a private refuge, or a community gather place for you and your guests that will create years of memories. There is something about fire that instills unity. Whether you use it to clean up the yard, or roast marshmallows, or to just hang around and talk, fire pits are here to stay.

Building one can take on many personalities. If your neighbors are a little too curious, you can build a trellis between you and them, and line it with some annual vines that will eventually fill in the view. Built in bench style seating is also a great permanent addition. Stone facades can give the appearance of real stone at about half the cost, making a solid, permanent structure well within most people’s reach.

If you have an uneven lot, outdoor fire pits are a nice way to fill in a slope with something useful. Carving bench style seating into the hill will block the weather, and provide a nice, warm nook to enjoy even in the colder months. The patio itself can be made from most any material; we often see stone inlays that create some unique design in the floor. This adds that much more charm to your dead space, transforming it into your own private place.

If designed right, your Minneapolis landscaper will be able to make this space trap heat, so that you can enjoy even more on the year than you ever thought possible. Waterfalls or a pond combined with a fire pit instill that primal nature in us that replicates paradise like little else can.

If you want to take back that overlooked space in your yard, give us a call at Minneapolis Architectural Landscape Design. We have the skills and experience to create this space just the way you want it. 952-292-7717