Material Upgrades That Instantly Enhance Your Outdoor Room Investment

Material Upgrades That Instantly Enhance Your Outdoor Room Investment

Adding an outdoor room to your home? Congratulations! You’re making a great investment that amps up your square footage and adds extra enjoyment to your home.

But here’s something important to keep in mind: Now isn’t the time to skimp on the details. The details of the design and decor matter as much in an outdoor room as they do in the rest of your home.

With some carefully-placed upgrades here and there, you’ll enhance your investment and truly get the most out of your new outdoor room. Here’s how to do it.

Window Screens

Open-air designs are extremely popular right now because they allow your indoor and outdoor spaces to blend seamlessly together. And the easiest way to add airiness is by including plenty of windows fitted with high-quality window screens.

First, set yourself free from old-fashioned notions about window screens. Today’s windows can go almost from floor to ceiling, with built-in screens and shading options that make your home’s windows a complete part of your indoor/outdoor experience.

Think of your windows as the outdoor room’s walls. Don’t you want something on the walls that looks beautiful and adds to the atmosphere of the room?

You can even design an outdoor wall and covered porch ceiling combo that feels like a perfect blend of indoors and outdoors. Talk to your landscape design-build company for recommendations and don’t be afraid to get creative with windows.

Dimensional Coping

Here’s an important outdoor design term that’s unfamiliar to the average person: dimensional coping. It refers to the three-dimensional trim work and details on seats, walls, and other design structures. 

Material Upgrades That Instantly Enhance Your Outdoor Room Investment

On a stone seating area, for example, coping runs around the seat edges with a decorative lip that caps off the seats and adds some stylish finesse. You can repeat the design of this coping on other areas, like stone walls and outdoor kitchen features, for a cohesive overall look.

It’s amazing how these little details take your outdoor room to another level. With the help of a professional landscape designer, you can incorporate dimensional coping that creates a true masterpiece.

Upgraded Stonework

The difference between plain, run-of-the-mill stonework and high-end stonework is immediately noticeable when you enter an outdoor room. Upgrade your stonework for a professional-level design that adds style and value to your home.

For example, do you have any old, faded red brickwork outside your home? It practically screams “out of date” and makes your entire home look like it’s from the last century. 

Instead, upgrade to natural stonework or use a modern engineered product that imitates the look of real stone. Use it on your home’s exterior, your outdoor room flooring and walls, and any custom features you’re including. 

Also, keep in mind that stonework looks its best with carefully-placed low voltage lighting that highlights its beauty. You can even craft stonework nooks and supports specifically for party lighting and holiday displays. Every detail makes your space more functional and unique.

Enhancing an Outdoor Room

When you’re ready to add the perfect details to your outdoor room, turn to Architectural Landscape Design, Inc., a residential design-build company serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. 

We design next-level outdoor rooms that enhance the enjoyment of outdoor spaces and add value to Minnesota’s homes. Contact us today to talk about outdoor room design.

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