Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting for Minnesotans

Installing outdoor lighting can be a reckless race into the dark for many people. Few understand the options available, and even less about how to work with electricity, but the truth is that low voltage lighting comes in so many forms now; even unskilled labor can install a system, although we don’t recommend it. The really simple sets won’t last very long, so if you are looking for a full scale professional landscaping company in MN that deals with outdoor lighting, then you can count on us at Architectural Landscape Design.
Low voltage wires don’t need to be planted very deep, and it won’t necessarily tear up the whole yard in the process. Many systems can even be solar, negating the need for wires altogether.
Adding a string of lights to your sidewalk, or along the driveway can change even the most ordinary house into a showpiece at night. Somehow, lighting at night brings a comfort to both visitors and wildlife alike. Night lights will also help ward off intruders of every kind. Most things that roam around at night will avoid the light, and if they enter into it, you will have the complete advantage.
Shining ‘up-lights’ on trees is another simply way to dress up the yard without a large investment. This simple feature will make your home look special any time of day, and even better in the winter when the skies are grey.
Spot lights, flood lights, up-lights and down-lights all serve their own special purpose, and learning how easy and low maintenance they are is what we are all about. At Architectural Landscape Design, we can offer the full spectrum of lights and design build services, making sure that your home is the best it can be. Give us a call to find out more, 952-292-7717