Landscaping to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bill and Keep Your House Cooler

When you wear a hat on a hot summer day it keeps you cooler, when you stand under a shade tree, it keeps you cooler. So it stands to reason that your house will be cooler when your house’s landscaping design has included energy savings and reducing air conditioning costs.


We can help you do just that! We’ll work with you to create a plan that maximizes the potential to help you have a cooler house and a lower air conditioner bill. At Architectural Landscape Design we have the knowledge and experience.

These 10 things can help you “cool off” your house. We can design, install, and implement them all. We can:

  1. Build a pergola, a-three sided structure, so it doesn’t trap the heat and allows any cool breezes to blow through.
  2. Build porches, decks, and patios on the east side of your home. You get early morning warmth and escape the end of the day heat.
  3. Plant ground cover plants or lawns next to the house, they will be the most cooling, but will require water. Light-colored stone is another option.
  4. Study the light patterns and plant trees where they will provide shade to your windows, especially on the south and west sides.
  5. Plant annual vines to cover your windows on a trellis we build.
  6. Install a west windbreak concentrating more on depth than height, going three deep in trees and shrubs if possible. Plant windbreaks on the north and northwest side of the house.
  7. Reward you for your efforts with a water feature that will cool you off both physically and psychologically. The larger the body of water the cooler the air will be around it.
  8. Plant trees in clusters to create a cool zone where breezes can go around your house.
  9. Build a berm to provide a windbreak.
  10. We’ll do the first nine if you do the 10th and call us today on 952-292-7712.