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 There are many advantages to owning an older piece of landscape. Trees grown years ago grew up in the wild, subjected to the elements, making them much stronger on a cellular level. New homes rarely have great old trees around them, lending that ambiance of strength and stability. Trees take time to grow, a long time to mature and turn an ordinary house into a home. If you are fortunate enough to have mature landscapes, why not capitalize on them?

By carving out distinct garden areas and outdoor spaces, with a welcome patio under a grand old tree, you can easily make a small ordinary yard into a private paradise. This will gain valuable real estate, and instantly raise the value of your home. ‘Curb appeal’ used to be just a catch phrase for those in the business, but now it is a major factor in determining the value of a home.

Wrapping a solidly built trellis in blooming vines will provide both shade in the summer, and a welcome fire pit in the winter, making your home more inviting than ever. This can easily become the meeting grounds for family and friends all year long. Once the foundation is in place, the vegetation is easy to figure out.

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