Landscaping in Minneapolis Minnesota

LAND: any part of the earth’s surface not covered by a body of water;

SCAPE: stalk rising from the ground, staff, moving upward; forward

When seen through these definitions, landscaping is just that, taking the natural form of the soil and forming it into something that will rise above, and more forward. It is the natural thing to do when someone is staying in one place for any extended amount of time.

Knowing when and how to do this, is a skill that can take years to learn and perfect. Getting a feel for your property is something that can only be achieved after living there for a while. Once you create your mental picture; find the right landscaper to help you put it all together and you will be creating a vision that you can enjoy throughout the balance of your life, as well as leave behind a safe and memorable place for those that come after us.

There are so many elements to landscaping, and each one could be its own career. There is lighting to consider, water management to be dealt with, the weather and elements to manipulate; without the right training experience, all your hard work could be lost.

This is why finding an experienced landscaper, who is well versed in all these areas of expertise is the only way to move forward with your home improving venture. When given the proper lighting, and ensuring that the wind and rain won’t destroy your visualization, your landscaping investment will be adding valuable square footage and monetary value to your current home.

By using natural elements to channel the wind and rain, backyard retreats can be carved out of what appears to be little more than a neglected hill. By using stone and wood, homeowners can create a rustic home away from home, where they can cook, relax, or simply enjoy the great outdoors. If you live in Minnesota, this should be one of your first priorities. Enjoying our summer nights with a beautifully landscaped yard is something you will always remember fondly, so give us a call to find out what Minneapolis’ own Architectural Landscape Design can do for you.  952-292-7717