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 Where some people see bad drainage, and a muddy slope, Architectural Landscape Design sees a simple stream rolling over stone that feeds a pond, surrounded by a small patio, enveloped by unique plantings. Where homeowners see overgrown vegetation, our Minneapolis and St Paul Landscaping Teams see cleared space that will allow more light to flood in. If you lot is dry, we can help bring it to life. If you lot is wet, we can take advantage of it and build an oasis. No matter what your property has in the way of landscaping, we can help you see the potential. With our 10+ years of experience, and our team of professional designers and installers, we can offer you the very best in the way of transforming your landscape.

 All the various types of stone available can create rounded, smooth patios, or rough and strong retaining walls. A set of stone steps will open up that part of the yard that was given up to nature years ago, and provide your home with even more living space. There is no need to move to find your outdoor oasis, most properties just need to be reconsidered, and seen in a new light.

 Getting the perspective of someone in the business, who has seen almost everything there is to see, can  help homeowners see that almost every property holds within it the power to be reborn.  Some of the greatest landscapes are ones that folks developed over time with expert planning.

Architectural Landscape Design can help you make your home come alive and provide for you and your family a unique place that each member will fondly remember throughout their entire lives.  952-292-7717