Custom Landscaping Installation Process

Once we’ve got a landscape design that you absolutely love, it’s time for our highly trained, experienced and creative landscape installation crews to go to work. We think of them as master craftsmen, and it’s their job to install all the elements in the design plan just as laid out. And just like our design team our installers are passionate about what they do and committed to providing the utmost in quality landscaping.

Whether they’re working off a complete computer design printout or a simple sketch, exceptional attention to detail and care for the client’s physical property drive everything they do. Our entire team works closely together throughout the installation process as they seamlessly weave the creativity of the design into the final creation.

We are available for questions from the client throughout the installation work. Our goal is to get a project completed as efficiently as possible, but we will never sacrifice customer care to meet a schedule. We definitely encourage client participation and input at all stages of our landscape design/build process, especially at this final stage. We want the masterpiece we create to be exactly what you envisioned.

We Guarantee Our Landscaping Installation, and We Are Available to Help You Care For It

Once your landscaping project is completely, we’ll carefully remove all traces of our presence, and all that we’ll leave behind is an outdoor space you’ll love to relax in, show off, entertain with, and enjoy for years to come.

Upon completion of the project, we offer each client a 10-star guarantee – unprecedented in the landscaping industry.

But we don’t stop with wrapping up your project and handing over our guarantee and the bill. You can count on us for help with your landscaping long after your project is complete. Along with the detailed care instructions you received with your design plan, we’re available to support and help you. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

We also offer an optional maintenance package that involves re-sealing hard surfaces, maintaining outdoor lighting and irrigation systems, pruning and trimming plants back, and top dressing of mulched areas. We assign a personal representative to each client to work with the maintenance crew to ensure that the best care possible is taken care of your property.