Landscape Design With a Sense of Privacy: Walls and Ceilings for the Yard

Walls and ceilings in the yard to produce a defined living space – sh0uld they be real or perceived? They can be both. Outdoor walls and ceilings fulfill the same purpose they do in houses; they provide privacy as well as a feeling of security and safety.  They can be actual walls in that they are a structure (such as a fence), or they function as walls in the case of a screen of trees or shrubs.

Structures like fences made from wood, brick, natural stone, or a combination can offer immediate privacy, but they can also be very stark and imposing. On the other hand, more inviting plantings of trees and shrubs can take years to reach the size that screening occurs. But, it’s also possible working with landscape designers and architects at Architectural Landscape Design MN to get trees that are also at the screening level.

As experienced landscapers, we have the ability to get trees dug and planted using tree spades, transforming a space from wide open one day to complete privacy the next.  Another option we consider is a combination – instant privacy and good looks by using structures and plantings in combinations.  For example, a red brick wall or a beautiful wooden fence with shrub plantings can make a significant statement in a very short amount of time. Whether the fence or wall is completely screened by the trees or not, a fence won’t look as stark when accented with plants, plus greenery provides a sense of depth.

Ceilings can also be real structures or suggestions.  Structures such as arbors, trellises, pergolas, patio roofs, and overhangs built of wood, brick, natural stones can offer a sense of seclusion. A complete tree canopy is a wonderful idea, but it takes time for trees to grow tall enough to walk under.

Our landscape designers can help create outdoor living spaces in your yard.  Contact us to discuss the options for spending more of your life outdoors.  We serve Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding communities, call us today at 952-292-7717.