Landscape Design To Better Enjoy the Warmth in Your Backyard This Summer

The warmer weather is upon us and a quick stroll to the backyard should showcase a place of relaxation and joy. If that’s not how you feel about your yard, then a landscaping addition or two can create a personal retreat from today’s somewhat stressful world. Most backyards start as a blank canvas, and the options are endless. From the merely decorative to elegant yet functional, these additions cab turn a lawn into a Mecca of entertainment possibilities and just good down-home relaxation.

  • New plantings of flowers, trees and shrubs add color and a splash of aromatherapy, bringing some of the best of nature’s offerings steps away from your door. Variety and the right intermixing of size and texture bring a kaleidoscope of foliage that can also attract our favorite song birds.
  • To accent the view of your garden, compliment a garden opening with an arbor.
  • A curving stone path bordered in color turns a walk into a stroll.
  • A centerpiece draws the attention, but decoration is not the only advantage. A fountain or birdbath provides hours of wildlife activity. When surrounded with small shrubs and flowers, the attraction is overwhelming, both for you and your feathered friends.
  • Stone exemplifies timeless natural beauty. You’ve got lots of options – with careful design and quality construction, a yard can be divided into outdoor rooms with retaining walls and other stone features.   Think of relaxing with friends and family around a stone or masonry fire pit. Completing the scene may be a patio ending in stone seating. Roasting marshmallows in a camp chair has its place, but why not enjoy in style?
  • Some accent lighting will keep the party going long after dark.  Low-voltage outdoor lighting lets you illuminate your yard’s best features plus adds safety.
  • A custom patio can go as far as the mind may travel in concept. The idea turns into design, and this outdoor retreat could offer a fireplace and even a kitchen. Add a bar, and who has to leave? The ability to fire up your famous barbecue while the guests relax around the fire makes the experience complete without traipsing back and forth to the indoor kitchen. Maybe a few steps beyond, a waterfall cascades into the new pool.
  • A gazebo may contain a hot tub where you can share a cocktail or just get the kinks out of your back.

These are just a few ideas you might consider to add beauty and function to your own yard this year.  Why not give us a call to set up a free initial design consultation?  Architectural Landscape Design will take your dreams and create a world in your yard that may not only be the envy of neighbors but also their favorite place visit after a day’s work. Live your weekends without the hassle of travel when your back yard is the getaway destination you’ve been longing for.

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