Creating a Custom Designed Garden Saves Time & Money

It’s a generally agreed upon gardening principle that choosing healthy plants, supplemental watering, and providing the necessary maintenance are the mainstays of good gardening. But, what makes each garden and it’s success unique is also affected by the light, soil conditions, moisture, water drainage, suitability of plants and trees planted etc. Many gardeners learn from trial and error over a period of years what works best for their property. The differences between a well designed, prepared, and planted garden and one that is not can be significant. A custom garden designed for your space can save you time, money and deliver consistently better results.

Every property offers unique garden sites accompanied by positive opportunities and potential problems. A great garden offers beauty and enhances your property while embracing those situations.Creating a custom designed garden that incorporates your personal needs and wants and delivers savings can easily be accomplished through working with our Minneapolis Landscape Design Team. Our professionally trained and certified designers look at all the aspects of the garden design and planting with a trained and critical eye. We know from years of experience what structures-walkways, edging, walls might work well with your site. We are also familiar with a variety of materials that can be used to create natural borders to your garden such as natural stones, bricks, boulder outcroppings, rock, etc.

We bring the ability to create the necessary planting combinations that take into consideration your soil, light, moisture, and water patterns and carefully choose the individual plants knowing what role we want them to play in your garden, based on their suitability, blooming times, and water needs. Our knowledge reduces the maintenance time for you because we choose plants that share resources well and grow easily without taking over. This also eliminates plant replacement costs due to finding that maybe the light wasn’t right or the combination of plants didn’t work.

Minneapolis’ Architectural Landscape Design provides landscaping serves in Minneapolis and the surrounding metro areas. There are remarkable ways we can create a custom designed garden for you call us at 952-292-7717.