Keeping Your Favorite Spot Warm Year-Round with an Outdoor Fireplace

Fall and spring evenings can get chilly in Minnesota, but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors. All you need is a fireplace and some good company. If you want to get the most out of your yard all year round, consider creating a spot where you can stay warm and share food or drinks with the people you care about.

Create the Perfect Gathering Spot

You can either upgrade an existing outdoor living area with a fireplace or another similar fixture or design a new outdoor spot from scratch. Adding a heating source to your patio is going to change the way you use this space.

Think about something bold and original like stone-carved seating around a fire pit or an entire outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven! There is a solution adapted to your lifestyle, your patio and your budget.  There are several options for you to stay warm and design the perfect outdoor living area.

Upgrade an Existing Outdoor Living Area

Do you only spend time on your patio in the summer? You need to upgrade it with an outdoor fireplace. These fireplaces can be attached to the wall of your house or built as a standalone unit.

The chimney is going to add some charm to your property. This is an ideal choice for staying warm since the natural stone used to build the fireplace retains heat for long hours and keeps the entire area warm even if you have a slow fire burning. Your fireplace will soon become everyone’s favorite gathering spot in the evening!

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

You can design an entire outdoor living area or an outdoor kitchen around your fireplace. You might want to add some seating options, a table and maybe some surfaces for food prep. If you are big on cooking outside, think about getting a fireplace that doubles as a pizza oven. These ovens allow you to bake many other foods besides pizza and this fixture might soon replace your old grill. Consider an outdoor kitchen that includes a grill and a natural stone oven or fireplace if you want both options.

Explore Other Options

There is something magical about gathering around a fire. You probably remember camping trips from your childhood and wish you could share this experience with your own children. If you feel that a fireplace is not for you or would like something more suitable for grilling, there are plenty of other options to explore.

You can opt for a fire pit and add some grates for grilling. A fire pit makes more sense if you would rather have a central heating source for your outdoor kitchen, as opposed to a fireplace standing against a wall. And if you are looking for a more flexible solution, consider a pre-made fire pit that you can move from one area to another.

Fire tables are quickly catching on in the restaurant industry. A lot of bars and restaurants use these tables so that guests can sit outside and watch a chef prepare their food. Think about installing one on your patio to create a modern feel and get a ‘wow!’ reaction from your guests!

Transform Your Patio

Add some custom made stone furniture that matches your natural stone fireplace. This is a durable and functional option that will boost the value of your property. You are going to love sitting near your fireplace to enjoy your evening after a long day at work! Look at the different options available if you want to add custom stone outdoor furniture.

Transform your patio, backyard or outdoor kitchen with a fireplace and enjoy this spot all year round. All you need is a few friends or relatives, your favorite cozy sweater and some wood to burn!