Jumpstart Your Summer Landscaping Plans with These 5 Tips

Tired of winter? Now’s the perfect time to develop a plan to create wonderful landscaping in time for summer!

Don’t wait too late to think about your new summer landscaping. Creating the perfect yard for your summer activities will take time and planning.

Start by thinking about your goals for your garden and landscaping.

Do you want to host garden parties? Are you looking forward to sitting in a shady spot with lemonade and a book? Do you want to create a place for your kids to run and play?

Consider what kind of maintenance you want to do (or not do), and what kind of features would make your garden a cool retreat on those warm summer days.

Here are some ideas to design your summer dream landscape:

Create A Lovely Lighted Oasis

During those beautiful summer evenings with friends and family, who wants to go inside just because it gets dark out? With our low voltage LED lighting, you can enjoy your evenings outside without breaking the bank.

Outdoor landscaping lighting can serve more than one purpose:

  • Emphasize your favorite landscape features.
  • Increase the security of your home and property
  • Illuminate darker areas with gentle moon lighting

Imagine Outdoor Dining with Flair

Invite your guests to dine al fresco in your new beautiful outdoor space this summer! Experienced builders can help you with ideas for elegant dining areas and even outdoor kitchens, so the chef in the family doesn’t have to be cooped up in a hot indoor kitchen while everyone else relaxes outside.

Outdoor spaces, including “living rooms”, decks, pergolas, seating areas, and fire pit features that can double or triple the living area of your home. Why let the weather rule how you use your property? Give yourself options for enjoying your space regardless of the weather or the time of day.

If insects are a problem at dusk, consider using screens to keep the bugs at bay.

Install a Soothing Water Feature

The sound of softly trickling water is relaxing and can calm you after a busy day. Install a custom water feature to give your landscape the feeling of a Zen garden. Water features can include:

  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Bubbling boulders
  • Reflecting ponds
  • Koi Ponds
  • Our very own Fire & Water Table
  • Custom crafted outdoor art
  • Streams and creek beds

Make a Place for Fire

Like water, fire can be soothing to the soul. Gather your friends and family around a flickering fire pit or fireplace as the nights get longer.

ALD consultants can help you navigate the fire regulations in your area and suggest the fire feature that meets your goals and fits your budget.

Our custom fire elements are made from natural stone, custom-cut to your design. We can

Fire features may include:

  • Lava rocks, crushed glass, and fake logs as sustainable design elements.
  • Fire boulders.
  • Customized hand-carved stone pieces.

Traditional fireplaces have several benefits:

  • Blocking wind and other elements
  • Privacy screen
  • Creates a livable outdoor space
  • Can seat four to six of your friends and family

Plan a Pergola

Pergolas offer a shaded retreat space for lazy summer afternoons reading a book, taking a nap, or talking with friends. Summer is for lounging as well as playing!

You may also consider a Trex or Azek Pergola – both of which are made from composite materials –  depending on your budget and design needs.  Pergolas make us think of another, more relaxed time, and can be customized with lighting and design and structural elements.

Have you ever noticed that, as summer approaches, time seems to go more quickly? Don’t let another summer go by without installing a new summer landscape that will impress your friends and neighbors, offer a space to entertain, play, and relax, and give you more living area to enjoy what summer has to offer.