It’s Time for Early Spring Yard Maintenance

Even though March may be a bit blustery and there may still be reminders of winter hanging around in the more shaded spots of your yard, March is a great time to get a jump on some spring yard clean-up.  As things warm up, it’s time to remove some of the winter protection such as burlap and mulch and make way for those early spring bloomers like tulips and daffodils.  Some shrubs could do with a pruning, too.  Dead or broken branches which suffered winter damage should be removed now before your trees or shrubs begin leafing out.  This Old House has a list of things to do now.  Tackling these tasks early will help your garden look even better when spring is in full swing

Early spring is also a great time to evaluate your entire landscape.  Are there areas that just seem to be missing something?  Or perhaps you’ve got a garden bed that’s a bit overgrown and could stand some thinning out and dividing up of perennials.  Now is a great time to do that as well.And the warmer weather may get you to thinking about some warm-season outdoor activities such as badminton and cook-outs.  If you found yourself wishing last summer that you had more ways to entertain outside, now is the time to talk about planning an outdoor room or cooking area.  Installing it in early spring means a long season of great outdoor fun.

Take advantage of the end of winter and get your garden and your entire yard ready for the upcoming weather and outdoor activity season.  If you’re thinking about making some changes to your landscape and need some help bringing your ideas to life, give us a call.