Instead of Adding a Fence for Privacy, Add Trees or Tall Shrubs Instead

Homeowners looking to add privacy to their yards often first resort to tall fences.  But many communities have ordinances that restrict the height and type of fence.  What else can be done?  There are options that properly integrated into your landcape will allow you, the homeowner, to come across as the expert. Nature can provide privacy in the form of trees, vines, and shrubs.  With the natural fencing throughout your yard, you’re able to do many things and get numerous benefits from planting them.

With Proper Training Your Shrubs Can Perform Miraculous Things 

05may19b2a15Imagine a place where the selection of shrubbery and vines can be added to extend a good two feet of height, and of course the added thickness will provide privacy.  With proper training the plants can be made to perform in extraordinary ways. Shrubs and vines can provide a natural fence, and they can also be used to camouflage elements such as electrical boxes, A/C units, and the like.   The key will be in the selection of the right type of plants to deliver the required results.  Stiff woody vines will perform best and can be teased out and up to create the desired archway. With patience and care the results can be charming, and you will be quite pleased with the beauty.

Knowing what plants and vines will perform in such ways will be critical, and thankfully the resources for such are a mouse click away. And if that does not suit you there will always be the local library to help.

Is Your Yard Space Limited?

Limited space will not be a problem as vines require little to perform as required.  In cooler regions where plants shed their leafage during the winter months the growth will become transparent, but often your yard isn’t getting much use in the winter so privacy may not be an issue.

As the plants and vines grow then regular grooming and pruning will be required.  Regular care will be necessary to maintain and allow for the proper growth, but the results will be worth it.  The weight of the vines can be a problem, but once they are established there are a variety of structures such as arbors or metal frames that can support them.

For shrubs, vines and other plants to provide the privacy and look you’re after for your yard, it’s best to hire a professional.  We are the MN landscape design company fits that bill. Architectural Landscape Design specializes in helping you design and implement a beautiful landscape plan.  Why not call us today to schedule a free initial design consultation? We offer landscape design and installation services in the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, as well as surrounding communities, including western Wisconsin.