How You Can Get Excitement Using Your Fire Pit In All Seasons

Firepit_patioFire pits do not have to be used only on summer nights to be enjoyed. They are a tool to be adored in every season.

When many people imagine fire pits, they mostly associate a summer evening with this backyard centerpiece. But no matter what the season, fire pits provide a chance to relax with a night off in your own back yard – a time for listening to nature’s sounds while enjoying the dancing flames. Add in marshmallows, hot dogs, and you have a magical night.

Summertime Fire Pit Perks

Your fire pit creates your landscape’s focal point while helping to build memories. It is easy to start an enjoyable fire, and it provides a wonderful place to gather for summer activities.

  • Preparing Snacks – No campfire hassle when you have a fire pit. Head straight to the good stuff, such as toasting marshmallows, roasting hot dogs, and making s’mores.
  • Pest Deterrent – Mosquitoes are a drawback to being outside on Minnesota summer nights.  But due to them not liking the touch of smoke or heat, your fire pit acts a natural pest deterrent.
  • Fun Away From Home – Some fire pits are portable, durable, and sturdy. Where you go, they can go.


Keep Your Fire Pit Out for Fall Experiences

  • Football Time – Keep your family and friends excited by hosting a tailgate party in your own backyard.
  • Brush and Leaf Disposal – All that fall yard cleanup needs to go somewhere, and if you’ve got a wood-burning fire unit, your fire pit is that perfect place. Trim it and put it with your wood pile for later use.  (Don’t try this with gas-powered fire pits, however.)


Wonderful Winter Fire Pit Ideas

When winter comes in, just be sure to use your weather-resistant cover when not using it and you are good to go.

  • Seasonal Celebration – Make memories more wonderful by exchanging gifts and singing carols around the fire.
  • First Snowfall – Light your fire pit, grab a warm cup hot chocolate and watch a winter wonderland happen to your landscape.
  • After Activities Warm-up:  Imagine gathering around the toasty fire after a day of sledding, snowball fights, or outdoor skating.  The outdoor fun doesn’t have to end as the sun goes down when you’ve got a fire pit.

Springtime Help from Your Fire Pit

Springtime brings reviving of landscapes, and fire pits and be of help with this.

  • Plant Help – Never use pressure treated wood and the ash from your wood-burning fire pit will be rich in potassium. Place the ash in plant and flower beds, and scatter around soil.
  • Barbequing Dinner – Start the outdoor season off right – even if your outdoor kitchen isn’t in full swing yet, you can improvise by cooking speared veggies and sausages over your fire pit.  What a great way to wrap up an outdoor work day!


No matter what the weather, there are reasons in every season to light up your fire pit!  Fire pits provide additional warm, plus the charm of a fire just naturally draws people around it.  You don’t need to plan anything fancy – just set out some snacks, put a few comfy chairs around the fire, and you’re good to go.

If you haven’t added a fire pit to your yard yet, give us a call today.  We can design an outdoor room for you that lets you take advantage of the many features of a fire pit, and we’ll work with you to install an ideal place in your yard so you can use it year round!

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