How to Work with a MN Landscape Designer on Your Project

It can be a big challenge when you’re sitting inside as the snow falls, figuring out where you’d like to place all of the items that you chose for your landscape.  But take heart – now is the perfect time to get the right design for your landscape before the spring hits so you can be ready to go.

Landscaping doesn’t have to be a challenge when you can seek the help of a professional landscape designer in Minneapolis.  When you decide to work with a landscape designer, you’re able to get help when it comes to where you should place everything throughout your landscape in a beautiful manner.  Here are some tips for working with your landscaper.

  • How to you find a good landscape design professional?  Speak with your friends and family to find out who helped them with their yards. You can also contact your local nursery to see if they have a landscape designer that they recommend. You want to find the right fit, since in most cases a landscape designer doesn’t have to be licensed or certified.  But you definitely want a professional, so it’s good to do your homework.
  • Contact the designers whose names you’re given and make sure to meet with them in person. You want to see examples of their past work and ask as many questions about landscapes that you can think of while you have them there. You want to know if they can fix any concerns that you might have regarding your specific landscape. A reputable landscape designer should be happy to give you references and project photos.  Some landscape designers, such as Architectural Landscape Design, also have installation teams to implement the plan.
  • When you meet with your landscape designer, be sure to talk about the scheduling and costs that come with working with them.  Be sure to get a contract, even if it’s for a small job.  Having things detailed in writing will help you more confident in working with them.  It also means that both sides know what is expected.  Make sure to have labor and material costs placed on the contract, along with the information of the designer. Also be sure that there is a mechanism to adjust the prices and changes if they occur along the way.
  • Make sure to keep a paper trail of any payments that you decide to make with them for materials and so on. You want to ensure that you’re specific when it comes to adding a memo on what the payment is for.
  • Review the draft copy of the design plan they present and address any issues and concerns you have before any work is to begin. Changes to the design are much easier to do when it’s still on paper.  Get as many drafts as it takes to ensure that you’re happy with the outcome.


If you want to work with a company that can add the right elements to your yard and make you feel confident that you’re working with a reputable company, choose Architectural Landscape Design to handle your project.  We can give you a beautiful design and then put the landscape in when your plan is done.  Call 952-292-7712 today to speak with the professionals here at Architectural Landscape Design.  We specialize in bringing landscape dreams to reality for Minneapolis area homeowners.   You can have confidence knowing you’re dealing with an experienced, professional MN landscape contractor.