How to Winterize Your Minneapolis Area Lawn and Garden This Year

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Twin Cities temps are dropping, and it’s time to think about getting the yards ready for the cold weather.  Use these helpful tips to make the most out of winterizing your lawn and garden for the upcoming winter.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance To Do Before Winter

  • Feed Your Lawn – The fall is the most important time when you should be feeding your lawn. You want to fertilize twice – once in September and then again in November before the ground becomes frozen.
  • Repair Your Lawn – You should reseed any areas that have damaged, bald spots and make sure it is ready to grow when spring rolls around.
  • Prune Your Trees and Bushes – Winter promotes the growth on the shrubs, trees and bushes. However, removing the dead limbs is always a good thing to do. Not only does this help with growth but it makes them look better.
  • Put a Coat on It – In order to prepare your garden for the winter, a top coat of soil should be placed over the gardening area to keep it warm, give it nutrients and make sure it is ready to go in the spring.
  • Do Those Transplants – Transplant shrubs and trees around the yard. Evergreens can be planted in October, or as early as September. You have a larger planting window with deciduous trees.
  • Time to Lay the Mulch – Placing mulch throughout the garden beds can prevent small rodents from entering and making homes out of your garden. It can help to protect and give the roots in the soil nutrients throughout the winter time.
  • Groom Your Flower Beds – Make sure to clean out any perennials once they bloom to help promote seasonal growth throughout the year.  Also remove any spent annuals.


We Can Help Add to Your Landscape Design With Winter in Mind

Once you’re done with basic maintenance, take stock of  your yard.  It may have looked gorgeous from spring through fall, but is it missing some punch now?  To add more to your yard for the winter months and make it really stand out, speak with a professional at Architectural Landscape Design. We’ll work with you to come up with a unique design just for your home and yard.  We serve the Minneapolis and greater Twin Cities area.